De 16 € à 24 € milonga incluse
Locate Show - Halle Marcadieu

En tus brazos is a special creation for Tarbes en Tango 2024, conceived and directed by Claudio Hoffmann and Cinzia Lombardi.

Accompanied by live music, this captivating show fuses tango and dance theatre, dealing with the complex theme of love, with irony, rhythm and magic, exploring the fine line between realism and parody.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating construction of an "almost" perfect love story, of passionate, conflicting and yet so very human encounters.

With an expressive gestural language and a peculiar use of humour, the artists narrate through dance, intimate stories of encounters and misunderstandings.

Let yourself be enveloped by this unique experience in Tarbes at Tango 2024!

We inform you that no latecomers can be accepted once the show has begun.


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Artists involved

Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

Claudio Hoffmann & Cinzia Lombardi


Fausto Carpino & Stéphanie Fesneau

Sebastián Achaval y Cecilia Berra

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