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Ana Norro: voices, puppets and magic.
Laurent Letassey: bandoneón, guitar and saxophone.
The puppets, while singing, transmit to us a variety of feelings of their world so original and direct.
Ana and Laurent attract attention, revealing their universe of tango, its traditions its particularities…
The presentations in French are full of illusionism. You will see amazing things! Red scarves… humour and emotion with the “in vivo” music.
The exceptional voice of ventriloquist will make you feel that with depth and feeling, the puppets «sing alone», alive. Their expressive quality
brings poetry.
Each one sings and tells her stories: Soledad, the Argentine diva so intense, Carlos Gardel mythical and legendary, the sweet ballerina Lucia, and Angel, full of humor and surprises.
A careful musical selection, with traditional themes like Volver», «el dia que me quieras» or the most famous tango in the world, but also the innovative one, of Piazzolla.
The «poetry» (sic) that emanates from this show, will touch the audience, sensitive also to «what comes from the heart».
Suitable for all audiences, it will also delight children.



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Ana Norro

Laurent Letassey

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