SHOW : Carmen Tango

16 € à 24 € Milonga incluse-incluida-included
Locate Show - Halle Marcadieu
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Everyone knows "L’amour est un oiseau rebelle" played on a habanera tune in the opera Carmen. Some claim that this Cuban music is one of the origins of tango. Everyone also knows the story of Carmen: A woman in love who leads her lovers to their loss. Carmen is the fatal passion, death and the urgency to live, all these feelings that are found in tango. Carmen's love stories are like the time of a tango, an abrazo or an exchanged look in dance.

Carmen Tango therefore tells, on tunes from the opera by Bizet and on tango music, the famous themes of this dance, love and fatality, rivalry, brawls, and how tango can also translate urgency to live. Carmen Tango will be danced by Santiago Giachello and Eva Laura Madar, Virginia Uva and César Agazzi, Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia and Flora Duminil, carried by the music of the duo Tango Sonos, the song of Leïla Zitouni and by texts spoken by the actors Chrystelle Rinaldi and Luc Sabot.

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Artists involved

Cesar Agazzi & Virginia Uva

Mariano Otero y Alejandra Heredia

Santiago Giachello et Eva Laura Madar


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