16 € milonga incluse
Locate Show - Halle Marcadieu

Course of the evening:

The perfect harmony of the dancers and the perfectly executed cross-steps will delight tangueros. For the less initiated, this evening will be a great opportunity to discover the power, delicacy and sensuality of this dance.
Come and let yourself be carried away by this whirlwind of emotions!


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Artists involved

Andrés Sautel & Celeste Medina

Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

Carlos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

Claudio Hoffmann & Cinzia Lombardi

DJ Damian Boggio

Fausto Carpino & Stéphanie Fesneau

Gustavo Gomez & Maria Belén Giachello

Ivan Romero & Silvana Nuñez

Marcos Roberts & Louise Malucelli

Maria Filali & Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh : Duo Entre Dos

Nicolás Schell & Nair Schinca

Sebastián Achaval y Cecilia Berra

Sexteto Cristal

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